Fixed Price Cremation £2495

St Peter St. Funeral Services help to ease the stress of arranging the funeral of your loved ones. If you require help in funeral arrangements, please contact our office and showroom based in Blackburn, Lancashire on 01254 680498

Cremations are generally less expensive than a traditional burial ceremony. It allows the family member to also keep the remains of their loved ones, and gives more time to arrange a memorial for them. Sometimes they are kept in an Urn in the family home, or even scattered at the deceased favourite location, or something that meant a lot to them. This is a more personal event, focussing on a few family members, and enables them to say goodbye privately. When arranging a cremation, there are a few options to consider. If there will be a service followed by a small ceremony at the crematorium or just the service alone and no ceremony. Again, alternatively you can choose to have just the cremation and have a private ceremony to scatter the ashes. Our low cost fixed price Cremation plan provides for a funeral at a local crematorium.

Fixed price Cremation Funeral Plan

Fixed Price Cremation Funeral Plan including disbursements is £2495.

What’s included?

  • Funeral arrangements
  • Oak type Coffin
  • Collection of deceased
  • Care of the deceased
  • Service at the Crematorium
  • Doctors Fees
  • Crematorium Fees

Additional Costs

  • Collection of deceased out of office hours £190
  • Hire of Limousine £170
  • Provision of Funeral Officiant £178 for Church of England
  • Administration Fees £245

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Funeral Planning Services Information

Since 1995, Funeral Planning Services has provided secure and reliable prepaid funeral plans for more than 82,000 people.

Through partnerships with hundreds of local independent Funeral Directors across the UK, Funeral Planning Services allows directors to offer a well-funded, professional plan, while retaining their independence as representatives of their communities. Operating transparently, efficiently and above all ethically, Funeral Planning Services offers administrative duties and plan development for
Funeral Directors.

Our plans are administered by Funeral Planning Services – Tel: 0800 41 30 46

Funeral Planning Trust Information

Funeral Planning Trust has managed the investment of funds associated with Prepaid Funeral Plans since 1995. Over 82,600 plans have been managed on behalf of plan holders across the UK and Northern Ireland to date. We are currently responsible for more than 51,751 plans, which will be called upon in the coming years. Increasingly, people are buying funeral plans to make their own
final arrangements and to set the price to be paid – however long the plan is in place.
Funeral Planning Trust trustees and investment management experts have established and continue to maintain a fund of over £167 million which fully covers payments associated with the tens of thousands of plans it is responsible for, as well as having a significant surplus of several millions of pounds. This provides long-term security for every prepaid funeral plan and for the people who provide or pay for them.

Our plans are administered by Funeral Planning Trust – Tel: 0800 41 30 46