Traditional Funeral Service £1295 Plus Disbursements

Traditional Funeral Service £1295 Plus Disbursements

Traditional service allows for additional options such as collection from a Nursing Home, funeral cortege from a place of worship or another location before cremation/burial.

We are a family owned independent Funeral Service serving the community at a time of immense grief. We take instructions and act in good faith at all times, whilst we do not ask for a deposit towards the cost of the funeral, if one is offered it is greatly appreciated. We would need you to pay for disbursements to 3rd parties such as crematorium/cemetery, doctors fees etc, but please don’t be shy in talking to us about any difficulties that you may have as we are here to help.

What’s Included?

  • Qualified Funeral Director available for help and advice
  • Home visit available once registration and cremation/burial certificates are available
  • Collection of deceased from hospital or nursing home
  • Hygienic treatment of the deceased
  • Oak type coffin
  • Attendance at place of worship or home prior to cremation/burial
  • Hearse to choice of crematorium/cemetery
  • Funeral Directors attendance at the Funeral service
  • Hygienic treatment of the deceased
  • Open coffin viewing is possible
  • Hire of a Limousine is £170 Extra
  • Provision of Funeral Officiant is £178 Extra

Why choose a fixed price funeral service?

  • Our range of low cost fixed prices allow you to choose the type of service and the cost that suits you best.
  • The options are clearly defined and full cost of each service is shown.
  • You don’t pay for services that you may not need and there are no hidden extras to pay for.

If you require something Extra

We have costed our services to give you best value. If you require something extra please ring our main office on 01254 680498 or 07785 762188, or drop us an email